Posted by: chibotaichi | November 2, 2017

Note to Self

Tossing about on the surface, the Sun shines here, but relentlessly. 

Waves undulating like sheets in the Summertime.

High Energy makes sleep harder to come by. 

The Sun rises early and stays up late, drawing the days out- good to the final drop. 

So much stays the same- these cycles repeat… restlessness suggests this is a problem, but it’s not. 

It’s just the Truth.

This Truth lies at the heart of Sunrise and Sunset- their colors splashing across the sky only to be obscured by Light or Dark. 

Black and White and Grey are okay… 

what about the color?

It’s Beautiful. 

Eyes fixated, fascinated-faces follow the Magic.
The stability is both disheartening and reassuring.
The Zen of routine reveals Liberation.

It was never more than This. Just This.
There is certainly suffering then, for many reasons. 

That Wild-Freedom young hearts seek was only an illusion- 

the Freedom they recall is the one they might actually fear…
Open Ocean, no obstructions- 

but nowhere to go…

Open Road 

but no destinations…
Plodding along- 

riding the current.

Posted by: chibotaichi | October 28, 2017


Words are intert
until a Willer would arrive/
Once the Word is wondered-on
Waves of Volition are at work/

What’s a Word worth?

Posted by: chibotaichi | April 28, 2017

Happy Friday Eve

snapped a photo of Minnehaha Creek, watched some birds, then took another picture of the creek…  Venus is moving into Aries again… Nature is buzzing along toward Spring… 
AUM Shanti Shanti Shantih

Posted by: chibotaichi | April 15, 2017

April Showers

Do you think the droplets know

The splendor of their fleeting stay

Suspended on the buds of Spring

preparing Life for sunny days

Posted by: chibotaichi | March 30, 2017

But There Is A Glass…

I’m a Pessimist. I used to embrace and play on that fact readily.

Then I fell into the trap of the PositiveThinking movement.

Not that I would actually discredit or even disagree with their philosophy, it’s just that my Thoughts are largely wired the other way.

On plenty of occaisons I have embraced a positive expectation or intention and found that Things transpired favorably, but underneath those conscious decisions there has typically been a subtle glass-half-empty filter operating.

So what kind of balance can be achieved here? 

Cormac McCarthy has been quoted as saying “I’m a pessimist, but that’s no reason to be gloomy” and when I heard this insight I immediately recognized my mental disposition.

I’ve been describing myself as Optimistically-Cautious lately. 

Caution has long been a companion of mine and has served me very well despite the social-media onslaught suggesting that this tendency, which has likely saved my life on more than just a few occaisons, needs to be banished if I am to succeed in this world.

I am not about to abandon the Realism that has guided me safely through some pretty interesting episodes, but I am not allowing my capacity to perceive the Why-Nots to interfere with the neutral or Optimistic forces of the universe.

I gladly invite whatever good-luck and helpful-circumstance is mine to make use of, but it feels so good to remember that the Pessimistic parts of my Mind are actually an asset, and not merely a hindrance to be overcome.

Posted by: chibotaichi | December 17, 2016

Drinking Tea

Sometimes it feels like there is nothing of import to say/write so nothing gets said/written. This is not one of those times.

I am drinking pu-erh tea on a Saturday afternoon to delay the various tasks that are awaiting me and for some reason or another I’m writing about it.

Nothing profound or mundane, either judgment would be unduly involved.

This is more like documentation.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Documentary lately as a genre, or premise, or however you might choose to think of it. All of those.


Posted by: chibotaichi | December 6, 2016

Irrational, but Real, Reasons… (Why I don’t say It)

When I was a wee lad in kindergarten, I was once given the privilege and responsibility of delivering the daily attendence form to the school’s office.
Each student got an opportunity to do this, and was also required (or at the very least encouraged) to appoint a companion for the daunting task ahead.
For what seemed to be obvious reasons, I picked the most beautiful girl I had ever known up to that point in my life (we’ll call her MC here) to join me for a stroll through the halls of Alice Smith Elementary School.
Smooth. This was so smooth! MC and I, we’ll deliver the attendence and then keep walking all the way to Happily Everafter.
I was immediately mocked, teased, and chastised for this decision. A response that makes sense on the one hand, as children are kind of like that, but I have to admit at the time I was extremely baffled and unfortunately for me (and a number of people I’ve known since) this had a powerful and lasting impact on me.
I was talking with some folks after a desperately needed yoga class recently and very briefly the concept of “triggers” came up. The tiniest moments can be seared into out memories forever, and the subtlest situations can unleash an avalanche of anxiety or grief. Not long after this conversation I remembered that resonant moment from my childhood.
This isn’t the first time I’ve considered the implications of that moment. I’m far too prone to Thought to not have considered thousands of possible connections to, and from, that particular day of kindergarten.
And yet, for the first time I am recognizing that the reaction of the tribe surrounding me at that time made me feel astonishingly ashamed and embarassed and those feelings have been there in my bags of emotion ever since, weighing down my capacity to express admiration, adoration, and even respect, for a lot of people.
The more I feel it and mean it, the more difficult it is for me to say it and show it.
Not a good scenario, for obvious reasons.

And merely another layer to peel away.
Just keep swimming folks (or climbing, or whatever it is you do)- that’s all we can do.

Posted by: chibotaichi | December 6, 2016

Fire Element

Summer Time is when the Sun shines especially bright.

Heat and Light become abundant

The wonderful 


across the Spectrum

Electrical Currents


The Axis

thought we passed it

but of course

the same old habits




We Magic

Posted by: chibotaichi | May 28, 2016

Feng Shui

Waddup Blogosphere?

Anybody still Here?


I’ve been thumbing through a book on Feng Shui while reorganizing and rearranging my little living Space, and it’s pretty interesting.

Of course, there is the tricky  situation of striking the right balance between preference and possible, between blind-belief and sensible (or as I like to say, sensical) acceptance.

That’s always the catch, man…

Matters of Faith…

When it comes to placebo, you better believe as hard as you can, or you’ll see no benefit at all. I’m prone to believing anything for a minute as a philosophical semi-responsibility (my degree tells me I have responsibilities), and I do tend to carry a general belief in most of the perspectives I’ve encountered, but a lot of half-beliefs don’t strike me as being all that effective. And frankly, buying all the way in to so many different, and decidedly nuanced, ways of looking at Reality is complicated and exhausting.

However, when we find the perspectives and ways-of-looking that resonate the strongest, or the specific details of different philosophies that seem to serve us well, things can be made more simple.

I’ve had a very ambivalent interest in feng shui for a pretty long time, but only recently have bothered to try implementing these principles into my life. Whether or not I will soon see a boost in my career prospects or a surge of new income, at the very least I have managed to get rid of some things that weren’t serving me well, and bring more functionality to my environment.

Nonsense or not, it seems to work.


Posted by: chibotaichi | December 1, 2015

Race in the Skyway

Funny how if you change your costume, it changes the game. 

Funny that we still can’t bring ourselves to admit what’s really in a name.

Seems to me white skin in suits and blouses

get just as loud and ratchet

as any other racial group

or human-ethnic facet

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