Posted by: chibotaichi | April 11, 2012

Welcome! Thanks!

C:Welcome to WordPress!

R:Why thank you! It’s nice to be here.

C:What will you do now?

R:Well, I have this incredible track record of starting blogs and then failing to maintain them. Just a few months back I started a blog with the intent to update it on a consistent basis, but about three posts in I just stopped. Haha. What the heck!?

C:Why do you suppose that is?

R:I think it has a little to do with my love of the New and Fresh. There is a lot of excitement with each new blog. It feels like a clean slate, and there is unlimited potential. But once I start to post, I begin to feel constrained -by myself, mind you- and there is a nauseating sense of needing to establish a theme, or some kind of direction. It’s a brilliant example of my personality. I like to compartmentalize, analyze, and organize information in my Head, but my Heart insists on freedom, spontanaiety (sp?), and unrestrained FLOW.

C:That sounds like quite the dichotomy!

R:Indeed! So with that in mind, I hope to, at the very least, use this Space for either purpose. Perhaps I can find a way to harmonize my seemingly opposed objectives.

C:I sure hope so. I think you will find WordPress to be a wonderful tool for all your bloggy-goals.

R:Yeah, I am hoping this will be the case.

C:Well good luck! Say “Hey!” anytime you feel like chatting!

R:Thanks! Will do! Until Then…



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