Posted by: chibotaichi | April 13, 2012

Shakeable Faith

How unreasonable I can be! I’m the type, I love seeing and hearing and feeling what I consider to be “signs” or however you like to call it. I constantly ask the Universe to provide me with a signal, a sign, some indication that I am pursuing the right path, that my decisions were the right ones. And the Universe does not dissapoint! Ask and ye shall receive, indeed! I can truly say that every day I encounter some form of affirmation or another. But rather quickly, the security and clarity fades, and I find myself feeling confused, aimlessly adrift.

It’s funny, I was just reading an article about the nature of Desire this morning, and I can see now how the very predicament I have been rambling on about is precisely what the article discussed. Desire is just a fact of Human Existence. It drives us to evolve, achieve, succeed, and proceed. It is important to place this inexhaustible fire in healthy places. But no matter how noble the Desired is, the nature of Desire is that it will continue to arise, no matter how much fulfillment of the Desired we manage to accumulate or achieve.

So I guess my constant Desire is to be a recipient of the communications of the Universe. I am making it a goal to get better about actually Listening to the messages, instead of merely hearing them. I think I would do well to also get more clear about my questions. Deepak Chopra recently tweeted something to the effect of: the clearer, purer, and more focused our intentions are, the more clarity, purity, and focus we will get back in reply. This is exactly the type of advice I like to hear, even though it leaves me feeling more in touch with the vagueries of Life than ever! I guess that’s just existential Nausea or something.


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