Posted by: chibotaichi | May 3, 2012


I was so stoked about this template…but now that I have been “wearing” it for a few days I am having doubts. The grass is greener on the other side, but I am standing in an octogon! <Where to go>? Maybe I simply need to water the grass I have right here.


There really is something to this discontent du jour. Frankly, I am not thrilled with the font. Also, the layout is less than ideal.

I guess that means I have some experimenting to do; which will be fun, if a little time-consuming or possibly even futile.

Even if there is nothing to be found more to my liking, I AM quite happy with the feature whereby I can categorize my incessant ramblings! Sometimes, my ramblings are actually moments of transcendent clarity! But plenty of times I am just being silly.

It is very comforting, for me, to know that my reader can avoid (which is to say, find) content to some degree. I am a man of varied interests, and invariably, I will find the need to post in regards to something unsavory to an Other.

Stay tuned (although, I suspect, nobody to this point has been tuned-in) for the layout makeover!


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