Posted by: chibotaichi | May 9, 2012

I just swished a mouthful of sauerkraut juice; shortly thereafter I had pee.

I recently ate a piece of garlic toast, which, in it’s glorious toastiness, caused a scratch on the inside of my lower lip. As has become customary in my mouth, the scratch slowly developed into a canker sore. (This, I am confident, is far more preventable than you would ever know by my actions.)

With the canker sore coming to full bloom in the past day or two, it finally has become problematic; painful, distracting, annoying.

Upon exiting the shower this morning, I observed my fingernail length. The right hand’s fingernails are at a very practical length for peeling oranges. And not just easy-peel GM oranges…ANY ol’ orange. Heck, PREFERABLY an orange with major-peel. Please!

But of course, with the massive canker sore, there will be no citrus consumption by me. A waste of this perfect orange-peeling fingernail-length.

As I settled in to teach the 12:00 yoga class in Hopkins, I lamented this situation. Then it happened.

One of the regular attendees suggested sauerkraut juice.

“say whuh?!”

Yeah, she said sauerkraut juice works wonders so I took her word for it, half disbelieving but half convinced this would be attempted soon. Warm salty water has done the trick for years. This sounds kinda crazy.

FastForward to 10:00 pm. A quick Google search for “canker sore sauerkraut” brings up plenty of results, and faster than I could even conceive of the number, let alone count it.

Sure enough, somebody-somwhere, they said on the internet, that sauerkraut juice can help heal up a canker sore in no-time. Off to the grocer, then.

The sauerkraut was an easy find, but there was no price to be found…how much could a big ol’ bag of sauerkraut cost? I certainly don’t need this much, and I would be perturbed to spend too much on an experiment. Whatever… turns out, it only cost $2.45, so the money was spent well enough, it seemed.

Arriving home I immediately became distracted with taijiquan practice. It took a good thirty to forty minutes before passing through the front door. After that, however, it was right to the juice. I poured myself a little cup and toasted farewell to the canker sore.

The initial flavor was simply sauerkrauty as anticipated, but as the swishing process began, things got heavy. The juice tingled, tangled, and tripped up my tastebuds, causing my face to gnarl. The juice rushed over, around, and through the canker sore, dredging up a soothing pain and a searing comfort. Ten more seconds…you got this… …phew, drink it down.

The buzzing stopped about 30 seoncds later and I immediately, instinctively, impulsively tongued the sore. Not too bad! The burning had subsided and there wasn’t much disconfort from the probing tongue. Maybe there IS something to that ol’ trick. Cabbage is a powerful food, afterall!

A few celebratory bites of kraut for the road, and I was off to fritter away the evening blogging about silly misadventures. Just as I was settling in, a rush to the bladder.


Mission accomplished, and Here I Am. A follow-up report will likely be in order.Stay tuned…


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