Posted by: chibotaichi | May 9, 2012

Nausea: The Good Kind (Existential)

Distraction and

Lack of Focus.

Mostly is my current Problem.

I was going to work on BeatCreation but

somehow wound up around Here


But Here is precisely the perfect place to BE.

I could do TaiChi…

I tried a seated meditation upon my desk

and now Rest Here.

What’s the Rush?

Such Hurry is worry/some

People plan that Action.

And Stand on That.


is a Distraction to

We-All have That-Reaction.

And This,

is what is missed.

Inisist on seeing past the ish/you

may/be that’s just in my Head

or My-Mind.













(i’m so Free I could Vomit)


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