Posted by: chibotaichi | May 9, 2012

Push Hands

Push Hands is often also called Sensing Hands. Both names provide important information.

Push Hands, as it implies, involves pushing your partner as well as being pushed. The push is not forceful, but decidedly intentional. A definitive movement, intended to upset the partner’s balance.

Sensing Hands is the same practice, but with a focus on the being-pushed phase of the game. Rather than resist your partner’s push with rigidty and grit you practice ways to yield and listen to the pushing movement in order to evade it.

The emphasis on focus is a matter of choice, but the practice is crucial.

Sensing Hands develops {Tingjing} or, physical-kinetic-listening. This skill applies in the micro-contexts of experiencing a tool in your hands or using a pencil. This skill also applies to macro-contexts such as encountering an opponent or navigating a crowd.

For both the smaller-scale and larger-scale situations, this physical-listening is an invaluable and quintessential asset of any legitimate taijiquan. It is through this listening that the art can truly be considered Internal.


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