Posted by: chibotaichi | May 20, 2012

Traveling Space and Time…leads to TimeTravel.

Golly…Life on the Road can really mess up a sleep-schedule! Although, this may have something to do with the caffeine I consumed at around 8:00pm and then 1:00am…

But it’s not as if this Awake-Time has been completely (it has, admittedly, been partially) wasted. On the eve of an eclipse, it seems like CreativeEnergy is running high, in addition to the usual surplus found in these Transitionary hours.

I did some long overdue work on the literary side of my primary musical endeavor…and literally JUST NOW I began downloading a Larry Sparks album. I couldn’t resist 18 songs for $9.99…

Pretty soon the birds will be up and singing their songs…That should help me fall fast asleep :\

At least it is only Sunday…everything about right Now seems very Monday-like, so it’s a little like having a bonus day psychologically.

As I find myself Here at the Crossroads of sleeping and waking, I have no agenda…either scenario will eventually lead to the other…


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