Posted by: chibotaichi | May 24, 2012


Yesterday…well, two days ago, I went on this maniacal frenzy of a search for some emotionally moving “celtic” music. I think the best find was this:

which is awesome because it was recorded in a gorgeous Space, for one thing. It hurts not, for that matter, that Miss Fowlis has that golden voice…and the players respond in kind with the same subtle magic.

So armed with knowledge of this loveliness, I had to find the lyrics. I get a great thrill from reading the English transcription/transliteration (whichever one, even if not either of these be the one I mean) of other languages. This one was especially fun, because it is not at all familiar to me. It took at least 20 listenings/readings to finally begin to catch the nuances and be able to follow along accurately. I had to un-think a lot of phonetic text indicators that were previously so practical and comfortable. Drove me wild. In the best way. Wow. Retrospectively, I think I was literally aroused. Literarily, at the very least! BAM.


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