Posted by: chibotaichi | May 28, 2012

Axial Rotation…is Random

Axial Rotation is one of my primary fascinations.

It is Key in a variety of capacities.

A Yogic Twist is axial rotation.

Taiji-Movement involves axial rotation.

Earth, as we Know it, experiences Axial Rotation.

The Poles are interesting; foundational, even; making useful a Primordial.

But more interesting than the goings-on at the complementary Poles

is that which occurs around the axis The Poles create/partake of/describe/exist/???

Microcosm and Macrocosm consist

of unified principles

Cosm/ic Principles

The Pole:

physical extension.

theoretical extension make the poles all but certainly-infinite!

But Matter, rather than


Makes the Measurement manifest as Finite.

Seperation becomes impossible at a “Whole”-Enough


And even the Duality is Theoretical, then.

Infinite-implication is incredible!

All MindPerceptions are mere Constructs. Almost-Illusions.

The Universe Rotates and Revolves around Infinity.

The Matrix of particles, revolutions and rotations of countless entities, all pulling at each other, gravitational-pull and the disruption of orbits, is Infinitely minute and chaotic. Perhaps like Strings vibrating in a rather Random-like Recitative!

The Dense Vibration can be easily navigated with sufficient Mass, and done quite Intentionally, with Volition!

Directing the Orchestra of the Universe is the great Task of Humankind.

Finding the preferential Vibratory palate requires patience and Listening.

Manifestation is merely Performance.

Mindfulness Practice,

Movement Practice,

are merely Manifestations of Practice.

Not every Performance will be a Masterpiece Symphony;

Tune the Instruments anyway.


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