Posted by: chibotaichi | May 31, 2012

Have Your Cake and Eat It!

“The best aspect of The Insatiable is that It (sometimes They) cannot be sated, so there is no need to be bothered with trying.”
I thought that to myself while driving along the freeway to work.
And it seems true-enough to me. It doesn’t mean we can’t or ought-not pursue our dreams, or passions, lusts, desires…only that to do so in a healthful manner, we must acknowledge the nature of Desire.
Secretly (or perhaps not so secretively) it has no interest in being fulfilled, only in existing. If I attain the Desired, then Desire itself is defeated!
Stubborn, to say the least.
Acknowledging this nature is a powerful step in reclaiming balance and harmony. Once we realize that fulfillment of Desire doesn’t bring the end of Desire, nor any kind of indwelling happiness or joy, I think, we are very much so liberated.
I know the things, people, situations which I Desire. I know that my Mind spins stories about how Thing with Person in Situation will bring about that HolyMoment I suspect is out there. And I know that if similar conditions are met, or even if those precise conditions are manifest, the flame of Desire is never snuffed out for long. What a sick joke! It’s like the birthday-candles that reignite over and over!
Those candles, Desire, are such distractions. Blow the candles out, by all means, but don’t be upset or surprised when they flare up again.
And never forget that the cake is the goal, not the candles! The cake is like our indwelling-happiness, the feeling of Enough, and contentment, of gratitude and prosperity. It’s right there, ready to be eaten. But if we get caught up in trying to put out the perpetual flame, we’ll never know the taste of the cake!

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