Posted by: chibotaichi | June 6, 2012

Today Was Weird

…in a good way, of course.

I slept for only about 4 hours overngiht. I used to assume that my Monday night getting-to-bed troubles were because I typically do laundry at night, but on this Monday I had that handled by 3 in the afternoon. I stayed up making a new mix for yoga-classes and spent a little time coming up with some new, if not fun, sequencing ideas. Things had gotten rather stale both with the music and the practices, so it was worth the shakeup.

After class I had a chat with someone about Diet and cosmological goings-on. A life-long vegetarian has been explorng the meats, while myslef, a long-time carnivorous-leaning gent has been feeling compelled to eat a more produce-heavy diet! The Venus transit, as well as Neptune retrograde also the subject of some of the banter…this conversation had a feeling of synchronicity about it.

Rather than going home Tuesdays-morning, the past two weeks I just stay at the gym and work on different things. Today I took a class on Yogaglo with Kathryn Budig and it was brilliant medicine at that moment. It was a relatively gentle practice, with some handstand work that I hadn’t played with in a long time! She has an air about her that resonates with me, and helps me remember to keep it light and not be too worried about words falling out of my mouth.

After that, I ate my breakfast: an orange. It was a relatively easy peel, and the flesh was juicy, sweet, pretty solid. Not the best orange, but far from the worst!

Then I went into some taiji practice. As has been the bulk of my training recently, I worked through many variations of Chen Style silk-reeling. It is an admitted mish-mash of things I have learned from Sifu Jose Figueroa and also from the teachings of Chen Zhonghua, combined with what I have been practicing in Yang and Sun Style. Progress was good on this day.

Around 11, two older men came into the studio to work on some sort of kicking technique. Today’s initial focus were inside and outside sweeping kicks but the student was having great difficulty. Perhaps due to age, or perhaps just as a general lack of understanding/executing principles, his stance was very close and unsupportive. I wanted to toss my two cents in, but refrained. This was the theme for the next 30 minutes or so. I would hardly pretend to know Everything, but I could think of lots of ways to improve the techniques being presented. Maybe that’s the Korean genes or something. Beyond that though…I don’t know…if practicality is not the concern, then safety ought to be. It didn’t seem, to me, as if either was of much concern to these two. But Whatever…

Then I rolled off to my next class and we ran essentially the same routine, with a little variation. I enjoyed the mix I made! It was a little different for “Me”, more rhythm in the music than usual. Personally, I enjoy a vigorous workout with mellow music, but I realize many people rely on that music and rhythm to get “fired up”, so it’s a small compromise for me.

After class I went home and was determined to eat, but found NOTHING to my liking. Thinking I would just continue to operate on fluids, I headed to the basement to play on my drumkit after many Moons away from Home. It felt good to be back behind a kit in the comfort and closeness of the homestead. After 20 minutes though, my brain was rattled and I still hadn’t eaten.

Eventually I settled on some rice with a little steak and some baked onion, with some bluebrries as a dessert. And of course, once I woke my hunger, I added two turkey hotdogs to the pile in my belly!

This mound of food immediately made me sedate and I proceeded to pass out on my bedroom floor. Around 6 I woke up and saw messages from my amigo asking me if I want to go see the Venus transit at the University. I was highly tempted to opt out and continue lying about on the floor, but I figured, in the name of practice-what-you-preach I may as well go check it out.

We arrived on campus around 730 and walked over to the Tate physics building and sure enough there were people lined up waiting to peer through telescopes at this phenomena.

Equally fascinating to me was the fact that I crossed paths with at least 3, perhaps one or two more, people from my past there! More Synchronicity in the air! We had to stand in line for about 30 minutes in the end, but finally our turn came up. I peered into the telescope and there it was! A simple black dot on the glowing disk of the Sun. It was simultaneously anticlimactic and exhilirating; not particularly exciting, but awe-inspiring.

At any rate, just as soon as it had finally begun it was over, and we headed out. Fortunately, we got to see it at all, because the lines only were growing as we finsihed our viewing and the Event was rapidly approaching its conclusion.

I’m glad I had the chance to see the transit, because the makeup of the solar system is quite fascinating to me. Once back home I took some time to stand in the street and look up at the stars, and let them blow my mind. Existing is such beautiful strangeness. Today was weird.


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