Posted by: chibotaichi | July 24, 2012

Feast and Famine

This morning I grogged myself out of bed at 6:17, having not had more than two-hour intervals of sleep thanks to all-night thunderstorms…The rain was badly needed, but the sleep is pretty valuable too. Anyhow, I decided to eat chocolate for breakfast, in hopes that the small caffeine boost would get me going. I took a shower and got dressed and headed out the door, greeted by the relative-cool and dampness.

When I arrived at the gym, the parking lot was sparsely populated with cars.

I figured people would lame-out with the weather, but I was astonished to see so few cars around.

As I got to the door and pulled to open it, I was met by that cli-chonk sound of Locked.

I noticed then a difficult-to-read message taped on the other side of the door.

Turns out, the electricity at the gym had gone out twenty minutes before I arrived!

I slinked in as one of the members exited and talked with the staff on hand. I figured I would be in my right mind to stay for another half hour just in case the power came back on, but then there was talk of a three-plus hour wait…Say no more!

Seeing my chance to dip, I bailed out…

Feeling strange for having missed out on my normal Tuesday morning, I shouldn’t have been surprised that my next class would be weird too…

When I arrived at the Hopkins gym, with just one minute until the official 12:00 start time, I went right away to turn the lights down…waiting…waiting…these lights are a little slower than the other clubs sometimes…still waiting…still waiting… ok, forget it.

For whatever reason, the lights would NOT shut off. I tried again several minutes later but to no avail. No light in St. Louis Park. Too much light in Hopkins…and the AC fans (LOUD) were going full-force as well. I guess things just have to be balanced out…weirdTimes.


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