Posted by: chibotaichi | August 2, 2012

Just Sayin…

Back in 2011, at the outset of the NBA season, I attended a special event in celebration of the Minnesota Timberwolves home opener.

I still don’t know the full details of how it was that my pops got us in the loop for this thing, but when someone says “hey, free night at a sporting event!” I tend to be all about it.

The evening began with some sort of cross-promotional wine tasting at Target Center, which was followed by a pasta dinner.


Not too shabby for a fellow like myself… A little extravagant for my typical Monday evening!

As the dinner began to wind down, TImberwolves exec. David Khan came in for a Q & A session…


During my wine tasting experience, I took a good look through the game program. As an avid fan of astrology, I very naturally took great interest in the birthdates of the players on the team…The one thing that stood out to me, in this regard, was the notable lack of a Leo on the roster! If any team sport screams Leo to me, it is definitely basketball!

So after a brief blah-blah introduction from the Wolves boss, he opened the floor for questions. Everyone seemed hesitant so I went into my Journalism-Mode and put up my hand.

I asked, in laughably not-eloquent manner, if the lack of Leos was by design…I believe I said it this way: “So, there are no August-born players on the roster; is that on purpose? what’s up with that!?” To which Khan flatlined “Next question.”

We all got a good laugh from that exchange…

But then he conceded that this was an interesting tidbit, and declared himself ignorant on matters of “circadian rhythms” and the like.

The rest of the questions he fielded were typical sports-page banality. The type of question he is used to, certainly, and the bland type of question a bunch of wanna-be sports-writers are liable to ask, pretending for that brief moment to be serious and think they are getting a serious answer. Can this team make the playoffs? How will Ricky Rubio perform? Is Kevin Love ready to take his game to the next level?

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Anyhow…once Khan was tired of answering the same questions he no doubt answered for weeks leading up to this moment, and the dinner plates had been cleared, it was time to get to the game! As part of our luxury treatment for the evening, we received access to a suite! Image

We shared this suite with several other guests, but again, not too shabby for a guy like me! It was certainly the first time I had ever had such an experience.


Rubio did play great, and showed all the brilliance and command of the game he was alleged to have. Oklahoma City ultimately held on for a win, but it was an exciting game, full of optimism and energy. The crowd was awesome, and the team fed off the energy, making a real statement against a playoff favorite.

Most of our suitemates were lame-o scenester types, so by the end of the game we largely had the place to ourselves, and we for certain were not going to leave with a win in reach until the final buzzer!


An interesting aside- in my final semester at the U of M, I was in a class small-group with one of the new Wolves Performance Team members! So that made the night even more peculiar!

Heading back toward my Point-

After the game, the suite had emptied and the food and drink therein had been largely ravaged, save for one bottle of red wine, which, for whatever reason, went completely untouched! SCORE! True to R.L.C.-Form, I knew I had to have this souvenir. Luckily, in the winter, Minnesota weather makes large coats and sweaters the norm! So I packed my contraband away under my winter layers and we headed out.


There is actually still one or two glasses-worth of this bottle left, which I will get around to consuming someday…So factoring in my take-home prize, the night was an astonishing Win. It felt great to live The Life, if only for a night. A bit of a Cinderelly story, in that sense.

But the real story wouldn’t be complete until the Summer of 2012.

In seeking to improve the roster, to make the key moves that will push the Wolves over the hump and make it a playoff-contender, Khan made all sorts of maneuvers. Silly contracts were dumped, lame-duck players were moved, and a few key signings were made.

Among the newcomers: former Wolves first-round pick Brandon Roy… Born July 23, 1984… Sun, Venus, and Mercury in LEO!

You’re welcome, David Khan…


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