Posted by: chibotaichi | August 23, 2012

Here’s to the Door Analogy

Earlier this evening I taught the second-to-last TaiChi class at the gym in New Brighton. It’s something of a bummer, since I have been teaching there on Wednesday nights since early-2008; a more-than-four year stay.

To my knowledge, I still can lay claim to the title of Longest-Tenured-Employee-At-NewBrighton for one more week. Maybe that’s the obvious sign that it’s Time to go. I had been rather indignant in regards to the encroachment of Inevitability, but when the Official Word came down, it landed with surprisingly little weight. In some ways, it has felt like a weight lifted.

Resistant as I had been to the forward-march of ZumbaNation, my stay at New Brighton was not without its struggles. Attendence was quite poor, and it never stabilized anywhere above five. Gym-culture clashed with the nature of my TaiChi a little too much, perhaps. Or maybe the time-slot was all wrong…to be fair, the TaiChi classes at the gym were never offered in the morning, which is a more ideal time for TaiChi practice.

The only thing I find particularly troubling is that, as it stands right now, after next week I will no longer be able to call myself a TaiChi instructor from a practical perspective. An instructor with no students is just a person, afterall. I’m gaining a modest following and attracting more opportunity as a yoga instructor, but I believe in the TaiChi so much that I refuse to abandon this ship, even if it is sinking obscured behind the YogaCruiseliner.

I truly believe that TaiChi is capable of serving Everyone. If people are willing to look within long enough, they can discover what it is that TaiChi might offer them…then, and only then, is it possible to practice in a manner that will prove fruitful for the individual. If the opportunity to teach TaiChi classes presents itself again, I know that I can use what I’ve learned from teaching at the gym and be better than ever as an instructor.

Perhaps more-Time will reveal the details, which is to say the broader picture, of what brought the New Brighton class to its End, or where this bend in the road leads. They say that when one door closes another one opens, so I look forward to seeing who or what is behind that next door.


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