Posted by: chibotaichi | November 26, 2012

Word Fast?

How absurd that whenever my computer, or more properly I suppose, Web browser, logs me out of my WordPress account I merely avoid for long stretches of time!?

It’s silly, but also a factual account of what happens.

Today, the power of inspiration prevails, and I have logged in again. This is merely a brief “hello” because the primary purpose of logging in was to begin a special little blog for Object Writing.

If you are not hip to the notion, you’re best off Googling it, but specifically check out Pat Pattison, especially if you happen to have the specific interest of songwriting. Last night, this man had my brain sloshing against the walls of my skull with obviosities that I never knew how to formulate and had thusly unconsciously, though decidedly willingly, ignored!

At any rate, the point of Object Writing is that it is to be, in this case, a Practice. Yup, a capital “P” Practice. Like any worthwhile Practice, it is the accummulation of even miniscule gains over time that creates results. This is not the P90X of writing-improvement.

A little consistent effort creates more lasting results than infrequent binges of exertion. This is applicable also to many other arts and activities of Human endeavor.

I’m going to stop myself for the sake of heeding my own freshly-expressed opinion, and because once the Worm-Can is open, well…

Cheers, Reader…



  1. I am looking up Object Writing right now. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • you’re welcome! hope you find value in your looking/finding!

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