Posted by: chibotaichi | December 8, 2012

All Roads Lead to The Center

I just completed a 15-minute meditation on the Heart via Yogaglo, and it was really great.

In asana practice, a lot of time and attention is given to the heart: drawing it upward and forward in urdvamukhasvanasana, and various other backbends. But when we speak about the heart in the language of chakras, it is important to acknowledge the front and back! Too often I find myself exclusively focused on the front…it’s the side I see the most, to be fair. However, during this meditation there were constant calls to focus on the center. In obliging, I found at one point that my awareness had gone almost exclusively to my back! I could feel the muscles and the spinal column…and I realized that for all of the effort and attention I’ve given to opening the heart in front, the back was tight, probably closed off, and very tense!

As I focused on centering this Center, I felt a great release in my spine and back muscles. As if a great conflict had been curtailed and a step toward peace achieved. Harmonious might be the word to describe the wonderful, if fleeting, sensation.

I have a feeling that this idea of centering not just left and right, but front and back, will offer many more moments like this, and I am excited and grateful to be able to put this to use in my Practice.


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