Posted by: chibotaichi | December 12, 2012

Do Your Dharma, Get Good Karma

Today I visited my local (lol, anybody?!) Guitar Center to investigate selling one of my drumkits to help boost my resources for buying a nice fancy acoustic guitar. Since I already feel a little jaded about the idea of selling gear to a major player in the industry, I didn’t make a huge effort to engage in that conversation. Rather, I slinked into the acoustic-garden and saddled up with some lovely smelling and looking six-stringers.

There were a few folks in the room, and as I settled in, there was the classic awkward moment of not waning to play out loudly while people are around. So after a few minutes of quiet and subdued strumming and plucking, with equally unemphatic responses from another fellow in the room, everybody finally vacated.

With a satisfactory audience now present, I jumped at the chance to go a little more all-out. I jumbled through some originals and a couple stanzas of some covers that sound dandy on expensive instruments, and then thought to record a video while I had access to such a gorgeous guitar.

Take one went smooth enough, but I’ve learned that it’s always worth a second take, even if it pales in comparison. Quantity is a particular Quality, afterall!

So I jump into my second performance and about two-thirds through, someone walks in! My instinct is to stop singing, stop playing, and just be blatantly awkward…but with video rolling, I forced myself to keep it going. This was no small feat for me, because I have a massive propensity for not performing in front of people unless there is a healthy expectation of performance. I’m probably more comfortable in the anonymity of performing to a hundred strangers than two or three friends or associates. It’s kooky and backwards, but at least I know the situation.

So I treated this fellow to the conclusion of my pop-medley; I forget if he got any of the Keyshia Cole, but he definitely got the Carly Rae. If he is hip to the trends, maybe (lol part deux) he appreciated the reference. If he is naive to that top-40 jazz then he probably thought, “this kid writes really lame lyrics.”

Well, he cleared out before too long as well, either perturbed or just as a matter of Course, and left me to my Whatever.

With Time on the move, I had to part with my temporary lover (a Taylor 314 CE), but before I could walk out I had too pick up a ukulele. All of them were tremendously out of tune, but I finally found one in reasonable condition. With a little tweaking, it was playable and I dropped a little version of “Ah Se Eu Vou” and then finally bailed to drop in on the drum department.

When I arrived, I was surprised to find the section apparently empty. A real shock considering that whoever the drum rep is most certainly was jamming his heart out while I was courting the guitars. I peeped on the cymabls for a while, lamenting the prices, and then strolled about the kits on the show floor, admiring all of the glitz and glam. After a brief visit to some of the E-kits, I headed onward, as the Day beckoned.

It was nice to be in a place that has so much relevance to what has been on my mind as of late, and it felt good too, to have won a small victory in one of my internal battles.


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