Posted by: chibotaichi | December 19, 2012

Rambling Towards Realization

Today was a gnarly type of day… I don’t wish to rehash it all in print, because I am so wordy that it would take far more time than I am willing to invest in something that will better serve me by being released.

I’m really here at this moment to document a hilarity I heard in conversation… it goes something like this:

[well, there is the policy and then there is what really happens…and those are three different things.]

I thought that was utterly brilliant.

It is making me feel so much better than I was even a matter of minutes ago. In fact, as few as twenty minutes ago I was being tossed about in the sea of my mind…when that thing gets rolling, it gets intense pretty quick. An existential crisis is always looming up there.

From an AstroBloggy Thing: “Right now we have Mercury in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Gemini: when two planets are in each others signs, we can expect them to provide mutual support to each other’s agendas. Expect a lot of talking and sharing — and possibly over-thinking. As best as you can, take an “observer” position to your mind: listen to your thoughts, catch yourself thinking.”

All of that reeks of applicability right now… but the opening sentence is the golden lining. Despite over-thinking my way into a sense of instability at the moment, things are actually gently taking shape quite nicely. I am just getting caught up in the perpetuity of Desire…Ah, Suffering.

Really though; I was thinking about a post I made not that long ago declaring that I was dedicated to going back to school and how my aim was set there…
That hasn’t seriously been on my radar since that day. It was likely one of my countereactions to feeling the agendas of other folks breathing down my neck.

What gains I have not made toward my return to Academia have been balanced with positive steps and growth in Music and Teaching. The Truth is, I will always want to be Free to explore. Creation and the Self are my two primary interests. Fortunately, those are quite broad and there is ample opportunity to worth with both in this Life.

In my paradoxical playbook, I have been learning that setting Intention is key to manifesting the things I really want…and the shadow-side of this lesson has been that if we don’t allow our vision to be a little blurry, we only narrow the target and make it harder to hit! Balance. Balance! BALANCE!!!


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