Posted by: chibotaichi | December 23, 2012

Facebook Comments

So I was just scanning my Facebook newsfeed and a friend had posted an observation regarding the possible conclusions we could draw from the fact that lately in the Status Update field, FB will ask you things like “How are you feeling?” and “How’s it going?”…

I offered my two cents and will share them here also!

“Social Media greatly enhances, for good and for bad, our sense of Now. We tweet, text, email, status update, (communicate), etc. with a desire for RealTime response…and often we are able to get it. This, I think, is allowing for a more agile and nimble Collective Consciousness, so to speak. But the ShadowSide of this acceleration is that our focus is still almost exclusively External. We log-on to receive non-stop streams of input: what’s on her Pinboard? this is #instacool! What’s trending on Twitter!? Or else we log-on for the sake of streaming our own Stuff: look at what I am eating! I’m having #fun! Now I am Near! Now I am Far! But when we do this, we’re bypassing the process of Listening and Observing, and we end up merely expending our Energy for the sake of an Other. I think some out-dated psychoanalytic theory gets at the heart of that issue. FB asks how you’re feeling, but doesn’t care if you take Time to be quiet, to listen, to FEEL your SELF and truly discover the REAL answer…FB just wants more water in the ocean.”- Me

Woah. I am going to revisit this topic either by updating this post, or with a seperate post, but the aforementioned psychoanalytic theory has been of great interest to me ever since I learned of it. My understanding is that dern psychology laughs about the ideas of Freud and his Bros, but I think their ideas are very important to consider as we evolve into a Connected and global Culture. If I ever find my way back to school, this is the seed of what my Grandiose Thesis will concern!


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