Posted by: chibotaichi | December 24, 2012

Problem: Pain :: Solution: Yoga

This morning I woke up with a raging pain in my left shoulder/back… Technically, I woke up several times overnight with this pain, but I didn’t realize how awful it was until the official Waking. I’ve never been in a legitimate Kimura, but I think what I had going on in there is what it feels like when someone puts you in a real good one. It. SUCKED.

But I was feeling plenty dedicated to my mission to treat this Holiday-Monday as a typical one, so I went in to the gym to teach my class if anybody showed up, and to just do some practice in general, regardless of the circumstance.

About five people came through for my class, which was actually supposed to be cancelled but didn’t appear on the schedule as such, so we had some fun with the three Warrior poses…Everyone was glad to have class and were very delightful as they left, which is always so great!

Then the 9:30 crowd rolled in, which surprised me a bit because I thought that class was also supposed to be cancelled! So I stuck around and we rolled through a nice brisk vinyasa practice. To my surprise, despite a few moments of staggering pain, my shoulder/back held up very well. All of the plank-work was fine, arm-balances and inversions went ok also! The one pose that caused me the most grief was Ragdoll! Very strange. I had been worried about even doing Upward Salute, but pretty much everything was on the menu for me.

After class I spent some time doing a little wall-work. My primary focus with that has been to get my legs toward the Pike position in my Tripod Headstand…I believe that missing core muscles I need for the full inversion are revealed with this leg variation. I also worked my regular handstand and also some forearm stands…just getting used to the view is super-crucial to finding comfort and stability in any pose.

Once my arms felt completely gassed out I did a little Tai Chi practice, working on refining stance and such. I also did a lot of watching other gym-goers during this time. There were a number of people waiting to get on elliptical machines and treadmills. You know people have the day off when…

At any rate, I was so astonished that my shoulder/back felt so great after all of that exertion, and I think it goes to show just how wonderful Yoga is…Like a fellow blogger noted, the answer to just about everything can be Yoga!


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