Posted by: chibotaichi | December 28, 2012

Practice Makes Progress. Progress With Patience.

It’s so hard to do ANYTHING in the morning at all, let alone something that is not of immediate and direct need for the day…but waking up and Object Writing first thing in the day, I think, is paying dividends…albeit in a slow and measured sort of way.

I have been reading a text by Pat Pattison, and find myself in the throes of a moderate to severe artistc crisis. But it’s the good kind. The kind that comes when awareness and knowledge become stronger than ignorance. The kind that only occurs when progress is underway and rolling along.

Yesterday, I spent some time with Guitar (it had honestly been weeks, or at least a full week…way too long) and visited my song-board. It was a relief to not be directly addressing the issue of Writing and just play and sing and not care too particularly much. But then very naturally, my mind began to wonder if there are better ways to say some of these things in song…

I sat down and dug in and quite astonishingly found myself digging in at a level I hadn’t ever explored before. I have always been more of an “intuitive” writer, and I no longer fear that such intuition needs to be traded for more purposeful use of tools and knowledge. A few days of reading have taught me a number of valuable techniques and excercises which already make a huge difference.

It was incredible to take pause and acknowledge where my previous efforts neatly conform to the ideas being discussed in Pattison’s book, and where they seem to be outside the box (or at least I haven’t read a chapter which addresses such instances). It’s a solid validation to discover that you have intuitively utilized a powerful songwriting technique…but to do so intuitively is a terrible excuse for not doing it with intention in the future!

I have to be off to work rather soon, so this will get a bow and a neat little conclusion.

The point here, this morning, perhaps, is that often in our moments of greatest unease or unsurety we are undertaking the greatest growth. Progress tends to get evaluated (as it should) from a perspective beyond it’s beginnings and this will always require Time. Just because you can’t measure or observe the progress for yourself, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.


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