Posted by: chibotaichi | December 30, 2012

Deeply Appreciated Reinforcement

I am prone to worrying about my Life-Direction and all of that pathological Soul-searching…And though I am a chronic Wanderer, there are a few things that I feel very strongly and deeply. I can’t necessarily formulate them in words, and I won’t try here, but I want to share this nugget of Wisdom which has been extremely helpful to me… When we are faced with opposition to our Dreams and Goals, we need to be reminded:

“You need to act and behave with other people (in a way that’s) True to you; and you know what? you especially have to do it, when someone disagrees with you.
‘Cause they’re there to challenge you,
and they’re there to make sure you really mean it.
do you really love this? because I’m gonna fuck with you
and they will…but you have to stay strong.” -Kathryn Budig.

What a wonderful asset to the Yoga community… I count her among my Teachers despite the fact that I have never taken a class in person… credit Timing, or Whatever, but a number of important lessons have been granted to me via this awesome Lady. Also, look at this Birthday kindness:


She coo’…

The full video from which I snuck that quotation is Here:

KB on Intention, Duty, and the notion of AimTrue.

I hope the messages Here and There can benefit anyone who needs a little reminder to stay true to their Path, or inspiration and courage to step out onto a new, more True, Path!


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