Posted by: chibotaichi | February 2, 2013

Every Day Marks Somebody’s New Year!

For those willing to entertain such language: Jupiter has just gone Direct again after a leisurely retrograde journey in Gemini. I’ve read a few insights on the forthcoming shifts and the one that stuck out was a caution to avoid getting caught up in too much too fast and becoming spread thin.


I can already feel myself committing to all sorts of activities and adventures and obligations without really having processed the extent of these “expenses.” Our Energy and intention and Presence really is just the same as money in that way…I don’t use credit cards with my personal finances, but energetically I have major debt most of the time!

I am prone to occaisonally just being agreeable to avoid a scene or, even less productive, simply to appease a person in a given moment. Other times I truly have an interest and desire, in that moment, to commit to that lunch next week, or to substitute that class on Wednesday, or to go to a party on the weekend.

But the fact is, I often find myself feeling totally gassed out and spent, or utterly dreading the idea of doing anything when the bill comes and I am supposed to actually show up.

I am learning to manage this better, and the fact that I can observe myself doing it in Realtime this past week or so proves it, but I hope to keep improving myself in this particular regard.

To that End, I want to lay out my primary objectives for 2013.

1. Stay on the Paths: Both my TaiChi and Yoga practices have seen immense gains in the past year, and while I am still the type to sneak a day-off from formal or grandiose work, I am getting better at observing opportunities to implement the Skills outside of a dedicated Practice, and that is, perhaps, as close to an End-Goal as there could ever be! I don’t anticipate getting my official 200-hr training underway this year, but I do suspect that I will continue to learn both from my Teachers and Students.

2. Live Clean: This has a lot of layers…and all of them apply. In some ways, I have never been more desirous of junk food. And yet, I have never been so picky about when I will indulge. Likewise with all of my various vices. The previous year has been a process of seeking balance. My Sweet-Tooth has never been stronger, and I have never been so willing to binge out on brownies and candy. But I am also keener than ever to the effect that has on my body, and therefore I am more mindful about it. I would like to make some gains in the arena of consumption by simply adding more Good foods. Quinoa will absolutely have a prominent role in this endeavor. And hopefully as the Good(food, behavior, etc.) takes up more Space, the Bad will displace itself or at least move to equilibrium.

3. Make Good on my Artistic Talent: I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a certain level of natural ability and capacity for Music. I have been blessed with many opportunities to develop this talent and grow it. And I have, over the years, had various opportunities to express it and “put it out there.” This is the year, however, that this dabbling becomes more serious. I have a modest cache of songs which will be brought into the studio and given proper care, and then the rest is still too far off to start crafting expectations. But this is the year the Music must be set Free. It might trickle out like an early-March thaw, but the process is officially in motion!


It is often said that to achieve anything Great, one must have a single vision and pursue nothing else. That has never quite fit my Spirit. Three is an allegedly Magic Number… Duality is the basis of Tai Chi… hmm…

I guess I am feeling so NewYearsResolutiony because of my Solar Return…my Personal New Year has just begun! And I am prepared to make it count!


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