Posted by: chibotaichi | February 10, 2013

Stay True!

It’s so dandy to have followers! I am still rather Green when it comes to WordPress, but it seems that “following” a blog is less of a matter-of-course or common courtesy as it is on social media like Instagram and such. So Thanks Yall!

Tommorrow I am jumping into the Studio to record and couldn’t be more quietly ruffled with energy! I am not sure if the best course is to get all amped up and really hyped, or to just keep steady and treat it like it ain’t no thang…frankly, the Middle Path is the most appropriate, I reckon.

I am finding some juicy inspiration while watching the Grammy Awards, and also a sobering reminder of my Intentions.

At any rate, I would simply like to take this opportunity to remind All of Yall, as we roll into the Chinese New Year, a New Moon, and a New Week- to Live your Truth and believe in your Dreams!

The path doesn’t always look the way you expect it to, and so many times the details will be different than what your eyes are seeking, but holding to your Truth with¬†Intention will invariably deliver!


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