Posted by: chibotaichi | March 10, 2013

Blessed Is He Who Has Great Teachers

Maybe it’s easiest when things happen without warning. Surely the bug dispatched in an instant on the windshield had the better lot than the bug in a 5 year-old boy’s concentration camp, right?

I don’t know what happens when we die.

I let myself believe a wide variety of things- making room for reincarnation, heaven, transmigration of souls (whatever THAT means), rebirth, cosmic-surfing, chaotic distribution of Consciousness (which is as close to “we just decompose” as I get)…

I’ve somehow managed to be pretty rational about Death, and sometimes wonder if I have just brainwashed myself with a frilly picture of an otherwise bleak Reality.

If there weren’t some merit to the Buddhist, Christian or Other, spiritual perspectives on Death, then surely I wouldn’t feel so complacent about it, right?! That would just be cold, inhumane, and utterly unfeeling.

And that is definitely not Me! I will readily cry during a made-for-tv movie! I’ve cried during speeches, films, weddings, you name it…what gives with my unsettling acceptance of Death?!

Call me a self-medicator, addicted to the Opium of the Masses, but I take this apparent understanding as my proof of Death being not so quintessentially final as we might make it out to be.

And I accpet with great humor that I may be wrong. You might be wrong too! If we can be comfortable with the paradoxes and the Mysteries of This Existence, then I think that’s as close to a Universal definition of “Success” as we will ever find.

Among the most important lessons I have learned (and still need much practice with) from a great Teacher, Mentor, and Friend who just left us this afternoon, is this: don’t be too serious. Stay on track, but have fun! The Truth is, nobody gets out of This alive, so it is imperative that we do what we love, and make our Moments count. We don’t get them back.

Dr. Russell F. Smiley was a Teacher right through the “End” and his lessons will continue to affect great change in This world through the many people whose lives he touched. It was a tremendous honor for me to have known and worked with that kind of Greatness.

I think the Word is, Inspiration.


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