Posted by: chibotaichi | August 15, 2013

Too Much Tea and The Mystery


I am Tea-Drunker than the Leaf itself.

Sampled from the stash of the late, great Sifu Smiley… The final traces of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls, like the snow-shower frost of sugar resting at the bottom of the cereal box; and a pot from a colorful pack of Pouchong, elegantly dropping a single now-blossomed Leaf into the cup.

American over-indulgence at its finest; Call Me, maybe, Exhibit-A.

Where a Wise wordsmith wrote of the first, second and so forth sips, I seem to seek glass after glass…but why let Tea go to waste?

Besides, it provides an excellent and clean-burning miracle-fuel for the Mind and Body. The Magic pulses through the body, and Perseids pass overhead shouting out and showering the Serene and starry Sky, Mrs. Moon having set so long ago.

And to be Honest, I had a Holy Moment up there, standing in Stillness and semi-damp grass. I don’t remember how it happened, but the Sound of Surrender and the shudders and shrugs of Breeze shaking the Leaves, despite the shackles and fleas that we Need, Dogs and Gods carry on; and the SameScene is playing and the TrueName is Saying: Just This. This Is It. Moment to Moment. Nobody Own It, only get Shown It, find out It’s Home … Music to my ears.

And we Hear this one all the time: “Music is the universal language, Man….

But I reckon that’s a Wrong way to Read it, when the Truth seems to Me that Language, that Luxury, laid down the Mainframe. Where-from do we Find Melody? When One first raised Voice, what measure of Choice? Rhythm and Tempo are Logic or Noise?

No Wonder/

We don’t Listen/

Why would the Wind carry Woodland cacophony. The Symphony brought Infamy. But this instance, see, of Will and THE Human Spirit is a mark of Progress, indeed.

Keyed in on A Good, Creation can carry us to those breaks in the Illusion. Busting through the barrenness of the Mirage, the True Beauty is Brilliant.

and on that Bizzaro note, I’ll be signing off.

Until Next Time-


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