Posted by: chibotaichi | September 19, 2013

The Concussion Issue… if I may state a few Obviosities…

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) –

Such a humbling reminder…of the Magnificent fragility of This incredible joining of Mind and Body. With their Powers combined, unthinkable feats can be achieved. The prowess of an All-Pro Wideout on display is something which I, for one, cannot look away from. It always captivates me. Every Sunday, for more than 16 weeks straight.

And to feel that rush, to BE in Motion and let your Light shine, to Be ALIVE; this is Why We are All even Here. The Experience, no-doubt, consumes the Athlete…to Do what One does, to fulfill that seemingly Destined role; is there any greater thrill or satisfaction?

This applies to all genres of Action.

It’s about Skillful Exertion: the Cy Young Award Winner’s secret breaking-ball grip and release; A one-handed fingertips grab on a post-route at the back-corner of the End-zone; An elegant leap and landing across the stage under sweltering lights on Opening Night; Flying-finger guitar solos soaring through Festival-Speakers; A summertime-strut along the sidewalk, strolling toward a sunset dinner; the pan-searing of a meticulously prepared salmon fillet, pinches of salt creating culinary perfection; even the bustle of the wait-staff busy bringing dishes to and fro… the ability to DO is quite possibly the greatest Gift We have been granted as Humanoids.

And when that is ripped away at the end of a long and glorious career, or even when it is only temporarily stymied by injury or circumstance, the loss is inherently devastating. To east, sleep, and breathe an Existence and then have it halted is not only difficult in those moments, but it also serves as a sometimes-not-so-subtle reminder of Mortality.

On a long-enough Timeline, any number of our faculties can begin to fail. Even the more mundane tasks, the simple ones that may have once been so routine, can begin to seem dishearteningly difficult.

A severe concussion, or other prominent injury will usually force a stare-down with this kind of Change and Impermanence.

There is so much to Fear, but in the realm of Sport there is often little room for acknowledging this particular Emotion. Anger is frequently the acceptable alternative, and while tapping into that Well can help inspire a passionate performance, it is of little use in Healing.

A Culture of Compassion is one that can help foster Healing and Wellness; rooted in the Knowledge that We All face variations on this heavy theme.

Alleviating Anger, confronting Fear, exploring the terrain of Emotion with gusto and Guidance will ultimately benefit Individuals. To find the same Self-Love that burns when We are running at our optimal settings , even when we are not at 100 percent, is Powerful.

The Science of the Body and Material substance will continue to closely observe the workings of this TBI Phenomenon over Time and discern what We can discern. Treatment and Prevention will improve thanks to the innovative Spirit of Humanity.

In RealTime, however, it seems to me that for all People dealing with TBI or various conditions of decline, Cognitive or Physical, an Emotological response is crucial. It has been said that a Team, or any other integrative-Whole, is only as strong as its weakest link. Where Wellness is concerned, Healing Body and Mind must involve all Avenues. We must remember to honor All aspects of the Individuals affected, and help them connect to Everything they still Are.


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