Posted by: chibotaichi | October 8, 2013

Tired, But True, Words

Several of my Teachers are fond of reminding me that “Everybody is doing the best they can.”

It is always helpful to hear, even though it might not always be what was wanted.

Often we only want to hear validation of our outrage, or support for our grievance of the moment. And sometimes, let’s be honest, it is very difficult to believe that Everybody is doing the best they can.

People are constantly taking the easy way, the sleazy way, and various other Ways that may not be aligned with our perspective of Good, but we simply cannot Know the Truth of other People.

What we can be directly aware of, however, is our own thoughts and actions.

When we begin to notice those moments when we come up short, we have an opportunity to grow.

Doing your best does not mean there won’t be Ups and Downs, but it does ask that we acknowledge the Downs and learn from them.

To observe yourself at less than your best is the best way to create the Space for change.

But we also have to remember not to be too hard on ourselves. If we get lost in a single lapse, or even a series of such, then we become stagnant and stuck.

The key is to grant to ourselves inclusion in “Everybody” and to know that we too are doing the best we can, even when it may not feel that way.


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