Posted by: chibotaichi | November 29, 2013


Welp, I’m posting from my phone. That would be incoherent not-so-many years ago. Technology is a WildBeast.

The rapid, indeed exponential, growth and development has caused various gaps in our sense of moral normativity.

In a World where some form of Relativism seems to be operating in the first place, the novelty of things like cell-phones, followed closely by the sudden outburst of Social Media, has made for even more nuance in our already relativistic moral attitudes.

Creating so many (largely arbitrary) opportunites for a faux pas will only create apparent trouble-makers, as Lao Tzu noted long ago.

More chances for an Ego to be offended, to hold the moral high-ground, to make judgment of right and wrong. Any given Facebook Wall might be under completely different moral code. Only a fool would post a reply in the Comments, when replies were directed to the Inbox.

But then, who really cares? That’s hardly a big deal. Or at least it wasn’t in 1995.

More of these drastic changes are likely on the way, and laws and norms will shift and evolve to accommodate newer technologies and interactions. Along the way, however, we will all likely bump into our own boundaries, and probably crash right through those of others, as we discover on an indiviual basis what these technologies mean to us collectively.



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