Posted by: chibotaichi | December 4, 2013

The Little Voice Is There To Help

Not so long ago, I was walking to my car to find that, despite having parked well out of the way of the prime spaces, someone had parked in the spot facing mine. And not only that, they had managed to park so that our front bumpers were embraced in a healthy kiss.

As fate would have it, the driver of this vehicle was arriving just as I was. I stood there, staring at the lack of space between our cars, and began to gesture my confusion about the spatial situation. I did the Subway Five-Dollar Footlong move specifically, because a foot would have been my preferred distance between our bumpers!

When he finally acknowledged my incredulous expression and goofy hand-dancing, he poked his head out of his car and said, ” what’s your problem!?”

I didn’t have a good answer because I was astonished at his confrontational tone considering he had, strictly speaking, hit my car. A moment passed and I informed him that he seemed to have parked a little bit closer than is customarily considered normal.

He told me that it must have happened after he had parked. My jaw might have hit the ground at that point. At that point it was clear that even if he had parked on top of my car, he was not going to be concerned about it. As he drove off I was still amazed at his delusion, and kept wondering how he managed to get through so many years of life if he is actually that oblivious.

I ranted and raved on and off through that afternoon and evening, but given that there was no real damage done to the car it was pretty easy to get over.

Flash forward and it’s Today, December 4. A winter storm warning is in full effect, heavy snow is slopped everywhere and more is falling fast.

As I brushed the snow off my car, I had a thought. Something inside me suggested taking the day off. With such crazy conditions, and the most far-reaching of my weekly commutes ahead, it didn’t sound like a bad idea.

My intuition had spoken, but I shrugged it off. As I put the car in gear to back out of the driveway I remembered that I hadn’t fueled up the previous night, like I almost always do.

Another message from my higher wisdom- go get that gas like you said you would. I shrugged it off again, figuring I have plenty of fuel and this trip will be slow enough without making an extra stop. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…

Once I was on the road I had a small fishtail incident near a small pond which, looking back was more significant than I first realized. It was a lot like the scene in the film Apollo 13, when one astronaut says, in a face-palm worthy moment of foreshadowing, “looks like we’ve just had our glitch for this mission”.

Stuffing aside my inner-wisdom one more time, I carried on without much thought to the messages crashing into me.

Settling into the highway’s groove, I began to cruise at close to normal speeds. Then it came time to change lanes. In especially snowy weather, this maneuver can be tricky as slush builds up between lanes. As anticipated, as my tires passed over this mess the vehicle gave a little shake and shudder, and then…it got Real.

As the passenger-side tired began to cross through the barriers of slushy wintry mix, the car started to peel back to the right lane I had been attempting to move out of. I had been steadily decelerating from the start of the lane change, but there was ample momentum to make this exciting. Several small fishtails followed the initial pull, and then it was clear that all traction was lost.

Realizing that I was officially not in control of the vehicle anymore, I had a brief “Jesus take the wheel” moment. Not in a religious sense, but there was nothing to do at that point but wait and see how it would all pan out.

Through the guiding powers of either Jesus or Physics, the car plowed headfirst into the median. I immediately backed out and pulled toward the shoulder, and found my way to the nearest parking lot.

As expected, the bumper took quite a shot. When I saw the damage I almost laughed…or maybe I almost vomited…I can’t recall clearly. But my mind did go straight back to that old man pulling his car away from my bumper and I thought to myself, maybe that wasn’t such a big deal.

In any case, I believe that my Intuition was there for me, but I stubbornly refused to heed the messages, despite there being several of them. And in the end I managed to get quite a lesson from the teachings of Popular-Karma.


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