Posted by: chibotaichi | February 16, 2014

Staying Focused, Staying Present

I was recently redirected to this collection of my writing, and while I am naturally inclined to just soak up so much Nostalgia, something New is due, if only for You, dear Reader, whoever you might Be.

The last post I let myself read over seemed to be more or less a goal-setting/action-planning ramble, from presumably almost precisely one year ago. A three-fold mission was detailed for 2013, and I must admit that only one of these elements was achieved in an especially meaningful manner.

Which, of course, is simply me being tough on mySelf. That has always come easy to me.

But to keep with this forward-oriented post, I am pleased to announce that the exact same agenda is on my plate for 2014. Another lap around the Sun, another chance to Get It Done.

And honestly, the previous year, though unsuccessful by so many standards, laid down a solid foundation, and that has already proven to be of use.

Goal 1- Stay on the Path:
I’m still Walking. Some days it’s more like crawling or flailing, other days feel like a freestyle sprint, but I move onward Knowing no gain on this Path is ever lost.

The loss of a great Teacher is still resonating, and created a great deal of questioning, but I have also begun to let that strengthen me as well. I am finding my Voice and tuning it to speak Truth.

Goal 2- Eat Clean:
What I consumed during 2013 was largely a blend of things I said I would and wouldn’t allow. There was plenty of junk food, more than sufficient alcohol consumption… It is not an easy task to overhaul diet and lifestyle.

After calendar-year 2014 opened with a couple physically and psychologically painful experiences in Digestionville, my personal Solar-year is looking more promising. I’m learning to tap into the Discipline of MealPrepping, and am just about to head into a second consecutive week of this work.

I am finding mySelf more and more strongly drawn toward a Vegetarian diet, although I am aware that this shift will not happen as readily as simply saying it. I suspect, in any case, that I will continue to slowly decrease the role of flesh in my diet.

Goal 3- Make Music:
I guess it’s easy to look at 2013 and feel deflated here. I laid lofty, but hardly unrealistic, expectations for this goal, but I think my perspective is erroneous. Plenty was accomplished during the year. My skill as a Songwriter has grown significantly. My band, Honeystick, managed to complete a modest demo (it’s on Soundcloud, if you fancy some music… Like us on Facebook too! Please!).

As 2014 unfolds, Honeystick has several shows under its belt, more recordings underway, and, if I may be immodest for a moment, a little buzz brewing.

As for my more personal musical endeavors, I have found that the practice and persistence in 2013 on my end is paying off handsomely. I am finding and connecting with inspiring folk through social media, and all of them help me stay on track and keep the Fire burning. Maybe 2014 will see the loftier expectations from 2013 become something tangible, but regardless, I Know that my skills and talents are being fostered, groomed, and utilized, and what happens beyond that matters not, to me.

If I might take these three goals for granted, 2014 would carry a much simpler banner- Stay Present.

All the Joy that ever Was, or WillBe, IS. I set my sights on remembering this, and other Things will fall into place. The Intentions from 2013 have shown growing momentum, and with Expectation out of my Way, I am Free to enjoy the Ride!
Namaste, dear Reader.



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