Posted by: chibotaichi | February 20, 2014

Some Kind of Bizarre Treatise or Poem on Animal Rights or Maybe Buddhism

I’ve been on a Writing project whereby I very loosely interpret interpretations of the Tao Teh Ching. The third installment culminated, somewhat unintentionally, in this Strangeness, which I find somewhat fascinating…I’d love to read the Book version of it, but I don’t wanna write it!

Shameless Self-Promotion: the original is, of course, at 


Our True Human rights, if unalienable they be, are not linked to Designer Brands, the Latest Craze, are not exclusive to the Celebrities and Socialites; these are for ALL People. People PLEASE- consider that your dinner sat around and Thought about that Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday is a Tool you use to make sense of the spinning celestial symphony that cows and pigs and dogs and cats and <em>maaaybe</em> fish, there’s more to the Story, for that you’ll hafta wait, we are ALL taking The Ride Together. We can see and label the parts, but sometimes forget to pay attention to our own part. Like, Fish? How could they possibly have Feelings?! Probably by very similar mechanisms to the ones that produce your emotive experience. How could you possibly have Feelings? Electrical impulses tickle the fabric of the Body. Fibers tense and tingle, taking notice of the rushing. The Body is largely Water elsewhere. We sit and stare at the Moon, making note of it’s position, the swishing of Ocean tides, riding waves and feeling the sway, Gravitational play pulls the Waters this way and that. We react, because we too are Water. Fish Live Here.

Feeling is so Simple. Fish can do it too.

Maybe they weren’t up to much before you hauled ’em in. It’s likely they were just out to lightly snack or sample the local cuisine. We do things like fly airplanes, do backflips, run faster, jump higher, be better, Goal setters, we never say never, #nevastop, sweat or a little espresso. We never let go. You always just keep a hold on American Dreams and Gold. Can Dreams just be bought and sold? Commodified Hearts and Souls, we need to seek to be more bold than that. Release the fruit of action, let Intention Matter. How long until you too are merely Mad-Hatter? Even Celebrities become topics of idle and trivial chatter.

The Spirit of Competition. American ambition. We all up on a Mission and we all pursue a Vision, but Who of We <em>really</em> Listen? Not tryna diss ’em, but we all have Them issues. We’re tragically flawed, it’s a Human condition.

The need to be merged but to hold sovereignty. Precisely the premise of the word Property.

Locke and those guys talked it up and it took. Our great legal minds put it down on the books. So tightly bound to what we own, when does it begin to co-own us? What good is the car when there’s no need for bus? To cruise along coastlines, it’s about being Free. Set the Things down and you’ll already Be.


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