Posted by: chibotaichi | March 9, 2014

What Is Writing Anyway?!

Writing as the command of Language is not the same as the physical skill of maneuvering a brush or pen. Typing is a unique movement set, those required keyboarding classes during k-12 education prepare the brain and body to be at-ease with the tools of the computer. Now that the touch-surface screen have evolved into iPads and the like, not to mention voice-controls, the skill of Typing too is undergoing transformation. Whether by pen or a digital method, Writing as command of Language can be lots of fun.

I find that my Mind operates pretty differently between the methods. With keyboards it is possible to write quite quickly, with all the legibility you could dream of, although with speed sometimes characters are missed or misplaced…the beauty of digital being that these can be flawlessly and quickly corrected. With the pen or pencil or brush, the pace is, by necessity, a little steadier and smoother…there is that feeling of the paper, maybe steadying it with the free hand, and even at a scrambling pace, the scrawl can only go so fast before it becomes merely a squiggle. And the clean-up process for mistakes made in the hurry is far more involved and more messy. Somehow, I think that the subtle differences really get different parts of my Brain working…or it’s as if the Language Centers of the Brain are experiencing leg-day and -arm-day, so to speak! Ha! Write on, Friends!


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