Posted by: chibotaichi | March 22, 2014


The NewYear Energy definitely paid me a visit during this past week. A lot of Heaviness seemed to lift, and in the Space thus created, I have felt a Freshness and sense of Ease that had been blocked up or constricted somehow. 

As part of the wonderful fallout of this Vibration, I launched into some MusicMaking, and even took it toward the Sound Recording side of Things… not so common for me, you see, for I love the raw Creation. The Act, The BE, of Creativity. Details isn’t always my Game, and plenty of Details were left unattended to, but below is a link to a relatively polished “Record” … strictly a Demo, to be clear, but it ain’t the Writing-Tape (which tends to be my preferred listening…hmm…which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?).

The Song is about Unity and Seperateness. Multi-and-Mono. The Many, The One.

What are we, really?

There is a subtle spark in that First Breath, emblazoning the Body with Individual-Life. The first step of TheSelf as a Self, so to speak.

The Will to Live, the Drive and our innate Desire to Strive. The ego we Need and the Ego that Feeds… Where does the capacity for Recognition really break down? Is it Self-Defense or is it just Laziness? Fear is too basic for such a complex Cosmos. Could it be that simple?

No Body comes or goes without running into Reality. The bumps and bruises, the scars we wear; conceal; and the ones that nobody can see but can only be felt. 

It’s all in the fine print of the Cosmic Contract. This is what Human is all about.

It’s a crazy Ride, and We are all Here, and where We Are, there can be Peace, Love, and for Goodness’ sake, a little more Forgiveness would benefit us ALL.


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