Posted by: chibotaichi | April 4, 2014

Seasons Change

It seems to be a fact. Winter eventually gives way to Spring, even in the traditionally frosty upper midwest.

As Spring sports get underway, there are inevitably problems with uncooperative Weather. High school programs scramble to handle it, shuffling schedules and even trimming seasons.

As local news programs cover this story, I wonder if anyone is willing to connect the issue of Climate Change. It’s an awful topic due to it’s political charge, but perhaps even worse because of the simple (if not so subtle) implications on more mundane matters.

It’s plausible that the lingering Winter is a sign of things to come. That’s been my hypothesis for the past decade or so, and maybe that will prove dramatically true (think snow in July, sandy beaches in January). Perhaps it will only be a modest shift, leaving Autumn’s ambience anchored well into November, but seeing snow and cold staying until late May. Maybe everything will stay the same.

But on the premise that change does occur, I have to wonder how stubbornly we Humans would cling to our Socio-Cultural Architechture.

If Nature makes it clear that Spring doesn’t begin until May, will we still Play Ball in early April?

The long established and well-entrentched rhythms of sporting seasons could be challenged, and it would cause scheduling chaos. Only Summer sports are really affected, but if they shift, it puts pressure on the entire existing model.

It’s all a silly notion, of course, but, as you well know if you’ve been following along-

I Wonder.


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