Posted by: chibotaichi | July 4, 2014

You’re Not Bored, You’re Supposed To Be Writing

Pardon my so-like-me hiatus. It’s nothing personal, and not even intentional. I’m just flighty.

It’s a little ridiculous of course, because I do count myself as a Writer, but the one thing that distinguishes a Writer from any Other is the mere act of writing (or, yes, typing). So that said, I finally am Here again following a small password complication this morning.

It dawned on me while doing some dishes earlier today that a Writer is someone who has relinquished their capacity for boredom. If you are not drinking in inspiration, then surely there is something you can be penning on paper or typing on a keyboard.

I’ve long proclaimed that you are only as bored as you are boring, and I suppose that spirit applies in that context too, but there is something more to it as well.

In this day and age, with the technology available, you can always be writing.

Maybe it’s brainstorming plot twists for that novel you’re working on. It could be thinking up silly rhymes. At the very least, a stream-of-consciousness rant or rave or roll-your-eyes-and-just-do-it is always possible. There is never an excuse to just do nothing. Unless, of course, doing a little nothing is what needs to be done. But then, it wouldn’t really be boring, would it?

Banish boredom, all ye Humans.

If you are a Writer at heart, you’ve probably already manged to do so.

#writeon my Friends


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