Posted by: chibotaichi | July 10, 2014

The Light

Some friends of mine have just endured a great tragedy. Death is rarely a welcome visitor, but especially so when the visit is unexpected.

One of them appealed to God to shine some light on them and this realization dawned on me:

The Light; it’s permanent. It’s always there. It’s just a matter of looking and acknowledging. 

In the seemingly dark times, it’s only natural to bow our heads. Whether in prayer, or out of exhaustion, heads hang low from time to time; but when we return our chins to their upright position we find that, of course, the Light is right there.

While this was initially expressed to provide a boost for my grieving friends, like it does so often, the effort to lift up others has also enlightened my self.

I am a big-time proponent of introspection, and bowing my head is nothing new. it might be the Capricorn and Scorpio tones of my astrological constitution, but I relish the somewhat serious nature of that posture. There is a kind of grey bliss to be found there, and what it might lack in flowers and rainbows (for me personally, anyhow) it more than makes up for in profundity.

All Truth be told, however, the moments I have felt closest to God are always when my face is up, basking in the warmth of the Sun or soaking in the glow of the Moon. It’s when I crane my neck to peer at the Stars.

This has made me understand that my prayerful moments are the ones spent looking up. I hope to make use of this awareness going forward, to embrace and fully engage with every opportunity I have to look up and receive the Light.


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