Posted by: chibotaichi | October 20, 2014

A Good Lesson For The Teacher

In my class this morning I had two experienced, but somewhat out of Practice, Ashtangis. The Ashtanga series are plenty hardcore, so it was somewhat of a relief to know that any asana I could come up with would likely be familiar and accesible to them.

Given the disclaimer that they hadn’t been particularly devoted as of late, however (and the revelation that one of them has a herniated disc!), I was able to offer up the expectation of a milder experience for our Practice.

Somewhere early on in my teaching career (and on occaison to this day, to be honest) I had a great fear of well-Practiced students in the room. When the “teacher” has half the total yoga experience of an attendee it seems a little odd.

But what I have observed is that often the more experienced yogis are easiest to deal with. They understand how to embrace the Practice they are presented with, as well as how to sneak in what they need if it isn’t being delivered.

This morning I was briefly worried that my notoriously slow-starting style would be off-putting to these Ashtanga/PowerVinyasa-minded folks, but at some point in the early phases of our session I made eye-contact with one of my guests and I could see that he was totally zoned in. What we were doing wasn’t even relevant because he had found that State of Yoga. We could have sat in silence for the rest of the hour and these two probably would have embraced it.

A nice change of pace from the Gym culture, where complete beginners have all the physical ability you could ever want but can’t seem to comprehend the idea of Quiet.

This experience has helped me realize that while my approach is quite Beginner-Friendly on a physical level, i actually demand much of attendees on the mental level, which for many of us is in fact more difficult!

I too am forever learning!


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