Posted by: chibotaichi | October 24, 2014


I kind of caused a car accident this morning… Causation, however, is a tricky thing.

While jetting along the highway, a highway that lately is dramatically different from day to day due to construction, I came up toward a recently reinstated lane closure. Seeing no cars in my proximity in the left lane, I sped up figuring to get up to the merge point and selfishly get in line without having to let anyone in. As I sped up and approached, suddenly everything in front of me stalled to a complete stop. I mashed on my brakes, as I was moving at a healthy clip, and then I heard that awful heavy cracking sound.

I was so sure I had been hit by the car behind me. But, I hadn’t felt a thing other than the lurching caused by my own brakes.

Sure enough, when I looked back I could see a car, just slightly out of position, and we can bet right behind that vehicle was another vehicle, their bumpers now well-acquainted. I grimaced. Glad to not be dealing with that, but feeling a little guilty because if I had slowed down a little more smoothly, these two drivers might be having a smoother morning.

Regardless of my influence, however, this was in their path for the day, so I went about my business.

I hope they were able to be calm and respectful with each other, and hopefully the rest of their day goes well.


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