Posted by: chibotaichi | November 10, 2014

Teaching Class After Tea

My Monday 4:3o p.m. yoga class was craycray Today.

A Wintry welcome to the week made for lots of somewhat unpredictable events. Traffic appears in unexpected places, different routes come into play, and schedules can get shuffled.

Perhaps two, of about 15 or so regular attendees, were present and the rest of the class was largely new faces. A little strange having a class of almost 20 but only two of the typical 15 are in tow.

So this was a little odd to me.

It may have been the lack of my usual nap, the cascade of tea, or some other factors, perhaps all of the new energy in the room… for some reason I was flying along, covering far more terrain than I usually manage to fit into a one hour class.

I’m hopeful I can approximate the same sequence and pace in the future, because it was one of those practices that really covered all the ground I believe is important, while still delivering a fairly good workout. I feel strongly that the workout mentality ought to be held in balance with relation¬†to the more Internal notions of the Practice. Yet it is very much so true that in the U.S. physical fitness is an issue, and the physical aspects of yoga absolutely have benefits for any comers.

In any case, the class felt, to me, very well rounded. I was able to use a lot of the different ideas I had been jumbling around in my brain and in notebooks and on and off the mat for ages. Every so often you get those sessions where you’re really in the zone and you can walk out feeling like you kinda just kicked some awesome. It was one of those classes. Feels Good. Namaste Gente.


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