Posted by: chibotaichi | December 13, 2014

’bout Dao

Dig This,

Dao transcends the design of Language.

Dao is the Noun and the Adjective. The Qualia. The Questions contain the Answer.

The meaning of Life is in the Feeling.

You don’t have to Do the living because the Body is doing that already. The Breath of Life is moving through the Body. INhale and Exhale. The Movement and Rhythm Here is basically Duple.

Breath In.

Breath Out.

Staying in Motion. Yin and Yang both are gently rolling into one another; weaving back and forth.

Origin and Destination can be the same station, but placed into Perspectives, things seem to be changing;

this Rearranging of Angles in Time into Stasis;

The Basis of our Birth, before engaging Earth, already holding the whole Universe and yet embraced above the dirt.


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