Posted by: chibotaichi | December 27, 2014


It can be a funny Thing, that Profanity.

I remember falling in love with it as a little boy.

The first utterance on the school bus, riding along, a mere first-grader or less, if I recall rightly.

Quickly scolded too. By the appointed Bus Patrol. A sixth-grader, I’m sure.



Two influences would enter the fray in the early-to-mid 90’s.

Punk Rock and Comedians.

Green Day and the Offspring introduced me to new, innovate ways to string together these words. Blink 182 and other bands would carry the torch in the latter 90’s and into the 2000’s, perhaps over-perfecting the art form. Gratuitous Profanity isn’t always about extremes or frequency, sometimes it’s a matter of trying too hard.

And then there were the early Adam Sandler albums. Goldmines of Profane Language. Perfection, really. I had so many laughs back then as a young lad.

The Goat. If you don’t mind cussing, go look it up. I just literally lol’d at the thought. It sounded like this “ha ha ha ha”, but that’s a different topic I suppose…just sayin. Hashtag:ITypeTheWayITalk

Anyhow, I’ve used my fair share, and still do from time to Time.

It can be made use of well, and not everyone has that skill.

Generally though,

I don’t much care for it anymore.

Used too casually, it lacks meaning.

Used cunningly, there is undue emotional charge.

It’s a BalanceThang.

The Beauty of Profanity has been recognized by what we consider to be non-Beauty. The co-opting of Culture is this principle in action. It happens. No biggie.

Modernity has desensitized, or hyper-sensitized, the people of Today.

The jolly cuss-alongs of Blink 182, frankly, feel rather tame and silly when compared to the nature of hateful lyrics.

One took the Power too lightly and fumbled it, the other was corrupted by the Power by holding on to tight.

Words do have Power. And our individual Creativity builds from what it consumes in Words, Sights, Sounds, the Smells, the Feeling…

I don’t know.

someOne once asked,

“What’s a Lavender Word for Lynch?”

I don’t know.

There are many though.

Find one, if you really want to Know.

I don’t know.

I mostly prefer Words of Peace.

However they Sound.



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