Posted by: chibotaichi | December 28, 2014


I find it very telling, to observe the apps we accidentally open on our phones and other devices.

What things have we physiologically learned and really internalized, in probably a relatively small amount of time?!

Earlier this week I needed to look up directions from the map app, and found myself staring at my photo albums!  A mere miscommunication between my Body and Mind, but I’m convinced it wasn’t actually accidental. Haha.

It’s fascinating. Just a moment ago I found myself stuck in a Technology-Loop (still caught in it, apparently!)- reaching for the iPhone to post a Tweet…I can’t even remember what it was anymore… accidentally opened Facebook. Good thing the phone won’t open all the apps at once. Although, if only in function, there is, in fact, an app for that, if I’m not mistaken.


off to the Twitter-verse, if I can remember my brilliant Tweet! \ ;0)


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