Posted by: chibotaichi | December 28, 2014


For the better part of a decade I rarely indulged in caffeine. I would get my share here and there; a cola with lunch, the infrequent cup of coffee with friends, and occasional tea-binges.

Lately, however, I have been a caffeine FREAK.

It all started about a month ago, during a recording session.

We had just arrived at Hennepin Technical College to do some rhythm tracking for a project several students were working on. In the rush to make this somewhat spontaneous session happen however, some important gear got forgotten. As we waited for the arrival of our missing pieces conversation flowed in the control room and we got to talking about food and the college student’s life, and how sometimes night-students are not well taken care of in terms of food and beverage options on campus.

Turns out, a small Caribou Coffee stand on campus was still open, so over the course of several trips a number of our crew for the evening rambled down the hallways, and for myself, I wound up with a cup of French Roast with a little bit of sugar.

For whatever reason, this cup of coffee was like an epiphany. I was already hot, so it wasn’t the warmth. I was sufficiently awake, so it wasn’t really the caffeine in that moment. It really was the taste. The Flavor. It completely blew my mind.

Of course, the caffeine took hold too. Ever since my experience as a teen/young-adult consuming adderall, I have been especially sensitive to all stimulant-type drugs. I’m permanently jacked up, is how it seems. I go from Raisin-Eyed zombie to the UPS guy from MADtv pretty quick.

At any rate, in that glorious glow of rich, robust flavor and caffeine-caused joy, I vowed to do this again.

Sure enough, true to my Word (I guess that is a GoodGood to take out of all this), I have had lots of coffee since then.

And of course, true to that Nature of myself, I am essentially addicted. (In this Lifetime, I’m finding that Addiction itself is my Addiction)

I’ve finally experienced the power of the Keurig coffee systems and while I abhor the wastefulness inherent to those little cups, I do appreciate the convenience. I typically take a second run from each one, so I like to think I am a little bit resourceful about it…and there are reusable ones that you can fill with any coffee you like, so the moral issue can be handled I reckon.

In any case, today on my drive home from teaching class, it dawned on me that I was thinking about having a cup of coffee. Which I have since accomplished, for the record. But as I was thinking about my coffee consumption I realized this: lately, I feel tired. Like just exhausted.

This is a little bit new to me, because frankly, I’m usually pretty good about maintaining an even-keeled energy level, if not partial-exuberance. I concluded that all this caffeine has whacked my system out pretty good.

In theory, this is going to be a chance to cut caffeine out of my diet for the most part, back to how it was, but we’ll see if I can stick to that in a meaningful way. Moderation is key, but has never been one of my strongest traits!


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