Posted by: chibotaichi | December 30, 2014

So This Is The New Year

For the most part, New Year’s Eve is not a holiday I really get into. Come to think of it, there aren’t any such holidays. Yikes. Haha.

It just doesn’t vibe with me much to get all amped up for the turning of the man-made calendar.

Not that I haven’t enjoyed or celebrated in the past.

I suppose the big switch in attitude came from the aftermath of watching Life lost one year, and having one of those “God” moments the year after.

I began to see more value in the existence of any day, of every day. New Year’s Eve is great, but mostly just because it is yet another of however many days we will be granted.

This is the root of my Grinchy approach to holidays.

And yet, this time around, I have to admit I feel a little extra Something.

The timing is such that I am really looking forward to the new year ahead. This year has been a delight in so many ways, but things had begun to feel a bit whacky as of late.

While I don’t intend to be out and about much (my annual tradition since giving up on trying to destroy myself in celebration) I am looking forward to the sense of freshness and the clean-slate mentality that the holiday seems to foster.

So I will ride this Wave, allowing the momentum to help me bring fresh and lively energy into my projects and goals and into my Life in general, as I wait for the Lunar calendars to roll over with the coming of Spring.

Funny how I bother to observe those calendars though!

More importantly, I am looking to make the most of the coming year by honoring the Truth of every day.

Each one truly is a blessing,
Rejoice and Be Glad!

Happy New Year R&W!


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