Posted by: chibotaichi | February 7, 2015

Digital Detoxes

Today I shut off all my computing technologies and it felt as good as it always does, if not a little bit better!

From about 11:00 to 5:30 (not all that impressive, I know) there was no laptop, no Kindle, no iPhone.

I think I need to schedule that type of Freedom into my Life consistently.

I spent that time sprawled out, and then curled up, and then sprawled out again, in bed, just reading reading reading. I cooked up some cabbage&stuff. Rested my eyes off and on again, and drank several little pots of green tea. Had a couple flashes of creative spark which were preserved on some scratch paper near my “bedside table” (it’s an empty plastic storage bin. Insert laughing-face emoji here). A little more reading followed.

I think I could have kept that going all night, to be honest. But, alas, there was work to be done.

This is the sticky and tricky bit about technology. We have so thoroughly integrated it into our lives that, for many of us, it is simply the norm. It feels odd to not have the phone in our pocket. We notice when it isn’t there.

Business, School, and even Social activities so often involve technology. Emails and Notifications and so on and so forth. Some of it pressing, some of it completely irrelevant, but it’s all there, in any case.

I noticed that once the phone and the computer were back on it was as if I never left. Right into a Technology-Loop.

I haven’t been away from a screen for more than a few minutes at a time since. That was three hours ago!

I tended to the necessary business, but the rest of this time has been arbitrarily spent bouncing back and forth between the same few websites and apps. It’s the same type of insanity that afflicts me by way of the refrigerator. Open it up, look inside, close the door. Repeat. Ad Infinitum.

I’m not even actually looking for food half of the time. Just wondering if anything has changed. Anything to be distracted for a moment. Ridiculous.

Observe without Judgment, though. That’s the objective here.

It’s no moral failure that I am one of many who are essentially addicted to all of this technology. It’s simply an interesting feature of these current times!


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