Posted by: chibotaichi | May 27, 2015

But I Digress… from: The-Mutability-Of-My-Yoga-Practice

My Mind is guilty of manufacturing Rules.

Redundancy feels so Good but it is also a riotous ringing urging me to run wild.

Racing along the roads.

Revel in Novelty. The New and Confused.

Remember Running?

What a Thing

Feet feeling the Ground.

Rooting down and rebounding

basically Bouncing

just Ordinary Events

or are they uniquely Universal

An All-Encompassing

Encyclopedia Entry-

Thesaurusly-speaking, might appear as Antonymious in regard to Misanthropy.

Micro and Macro

bound by Spooky-Action

Nets and Attraction

The Chemical Reaction

Cosmic Interaction

Light Shine and Refraction

I just Roll with It



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