Posted by: chibotaichi | June 13, 2015

Transcending Triviality

A White woman lives as a Black woman and is found out after years of advocacy work, and other achievement as a proponent of Black culture… evidently the term “transracial” has been officially coined. It is an interesting concept… I know that growing up as a minority in that whole “White America” Thang, I always felt a strong (if unreciprocated) cameraderie (sp?) with Black America. The dominant racial-narrative of the history here is Black/White (despite the equally unsettling treatment of Native Americans), and when push came to shove White was never gonna accept Yellow, anymore than Black tended to accept Yellow. I found that being able to wear a Black or White “mask” in various situations was the easiest way to navigate the social landscape…from time to time also donning the Yellow garments, of course… haha… Leading my Mind to suspect that the “Trans” Movement, with all due Respect to that specific Cause, will only have truly served its purpose if it leads to a more fundamental TRANScendence of the patterns we use to divide Humanity…. or something… 🙂


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