Posted by: chibotaichi | October 23, 2015

Animals Exist

While anyone who claims animals to be sentient beings is often met with a dismissive smirk at best, the fact remains that animals, sentient or not, also consume and therefore compete for resources with Humans. More importantly, however, these animals also contribute waste.

In the Natural bio/eco-logical order, this is not problematic. Populations wax and wane in accordance with the available resources, and their waste is dispersed over a broad enough area that it can be recycled by Natural processes.

Enter Humans.

Though the Human population itself isn’t especially taxing on the environment, the industrialization of food production and waste production is indeed an extreme burden.

I’ve come to see feedlots and similar factory-farm establishments as concentration camps. I don’t mean that lightly at all, I mean that as heavily as the meaning can be made to be.

Again, we can argue in circles about whether that is an appropriate assessment or not, but the fact will remain that these animals, so densely concentrated, create a proportionately dense and destructive amount of waste.

Morally or Ethically, they may not count, but where strict fact is concerned, like it or not, the animals that occupy these Agricultural ghettos do count. They consume real resources and they create real waste. As far as environmental concerns go, it is imperative to remember that the billions of Humans on this planet do not comprise the total global population.

The approximately seven-billion figure for World population neglects the massive number of cattle, chickens, and pigs (among other creatures) that are contributing to the grand equation involving Resources, Waste, and Sustainability.

The booming industry of Pets is also a part of the issue at hand. Dog and Cat food made of “real” chicken, beef, pork, etc. only boosts the already-inflated use of resources and production of waste.

I’ll leave the rest of that can closed for now, but the issue is there in any case.


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